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Time to Flex your Mussels Again!

If you need to be reminded how delicious and healthy Irish mussels are, look out for another of the very successful Bord Bia Flex Your Mussels Campaigns. Running for two weeks, from 22nd October to 4th November 2018, it will feature numerous activities across many channels, to encourage everyone to to dip into this tasty and sustainably produced treat.

Restaurants everywhere will be including mussels on their menus or as a ‘special’ during the promotion and they’ll be highlighting the campaign through their own social media channels (hashtag # FlexYourMussels) backed up by activities including Radio, Outdoor and PR, digital activity and Cookery Demonstrations on TV3.

Great eating out experiences can often inspire us to add less familiar foods to our weekly shopping lists – and Bord Bia has anticipated that too, with a series of simple and tasty recipes <>

Calling all restaurateurs – if you would like one of  the Bord Bia A5 blackboards or tent cards, which can be placed around  restaurants to highlight the Irish Mussels on the menu, just

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