Mitchell's Restaurant, Clifden, Co Galway

Mitchell's Restaurant, Clifden, Co Galway

Although we eat less fish at home than might be expected for an island nation, everybody – whether living in Ireland or just visiting - seems to love seafood when eating out, so it’s an increasingly vibrant sector of the restaurant business

“Consistent” is the word most often used when talking about Kay and JJ Mitchell's lovely, well-managed restaurant in Clifden - and, for a restaurant that’s been offering efficient, welcoming service and very agreeably upbeat “good home cooking” all day, every day throughout a long season since 1991, that’s some compliment.

Spread over two storeys of a late 19th century building, the restaurant is stylish in an understated way that works equally well during the day or for dinner and it's full of character, with open stonework, soft lighting and fires on both floors making it very cosy.

The bustling atmosphere is full of confidence and, under JJ's eagle eye, well trained - and well motivated - waiting staff work together exceptionally well to provide seamless service, even at the busiest times.

The emphasis is very much on fish 'from local and sustainable sources', but there's a fair choice for non-fish eaters too, especially on the day menu where you’ll find some very welcome old friends like bacon & cabbage 'Mitchell's style' alongside some spicier contemporary fare. Later, with eight or nine seafood dishes offered on the à la carte evening menu, fish and seafood definitely play the starring roles.

And the cooking style is very appealing, offering a mixture of classics and house variations - often with an Irish twist, such as the black pudding and parsnip mash that comes with the seared scallops, or the colcannon and bacon potato cake with the monkfish.

Everything is cooked in-house, including breads and desserts - and it shows, in the freshness and flavour. This is a very fair place, offering honest food at honest prices – and, with its really delicious food and outstanding service, it’s getting better every year.

A great, down to earth seafood restaurant, full of happy customers - every seaside town in Ireland deserves to have a place like Mitchell's.

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Mitchell's Restaurant

Clifden, Co. Galway
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Kay and JJ Mitchell's attractive and well-managed family-run restaurant in Clifden offers efficient, welcoming service and very agreeably stylish “good home cooking” all day, every day throughout a long season - and they have been doing so, ...

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