Pickle, Dublin 2


There has been an ‘Ethnic Restaurant’ category in our awards since their inception in the early ‘90s. Originally interpreted as ‘oriental’, it now reflects the diversity of dining experience in contemporary Ireland to include all restaurants that truly represent any specific culture or cultures. Casual dining is still the big story and the restaurants that are performing best are those with chefs grounded in fine dining.

At Ireland’s first regional Indian restaurant, a multi-award-winning chef (and arguably Ireland’s finest Indian chef) has chosen to cook the dishes of his childhood and those from the Northern provinces of the spicy sub-continent, in an attractive casual ‘eating house and bar’ where he serves beautifully finessed traditional food.

Diners looking for take-away classics will have to go elsewhere, as the menu is a thrilling combination of new experiences. Breaking down stereotypes amongst Indian food in a brilliant way, this restaurant brings immense finesse and vibrancy to Indian dining and has introduced a whole city to authentic Northern food, including unlikely hits like goat mince curry.

The menu is very clever, with unfamiliar dishes accompanied by authentic garnishes and sides, and everything tastes wonderful - fresh, interesting and exciting.

The quality of the cooking isn't matched in many Irish restaurants, ethnic or otherwise, and this great chef is a master of balancing flavours and textures, ensuring that everything on the plate is a pleasure.

He is a true talent and his passion for his native cuisine is evident in every plate of food he creates.

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Dublin 2, Dublin City
For Cooking & Service Well Above Average Previous Georgina Campbell Guides Award Winner The "Best of the Best" - Only the very best establishments across various categories have been chosen for this accolade
While casual dining continues to be the big story, the most exciting restaurants are those with chefs grounded in fine dining. Pickle, Sunil Ghai’s authentic Indian restaurant, ticks the box perfectly: an attractive casual ‘eating house an ...

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