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Camus Farm Field Kitchen Clonakilty Co Cork

Camus Farm Field Kitchen Clonakilty Co Cork

Hidden away at the end of a narrow track, amongst the shelter of trees, old stone walls, and nothing but the sound of the breeze rippling the leaves and sheaves of barley, is Camus Farm Field Kitchen; an authentic Farm to Fork experience that transforms a sense of place into a taste of place. Head Chef Bob Cairns taps into the creative influence of the Italian cucina and conjures up plates of distinctly Irish ingredients metamorphasised into dishes that transport. Are those oak, ash, and beech trees rustling in the summer breeze, or is that the sound of cypress trees and stands of wheat? The owners of Camus Farm, Deborah Ní Chaoímhe and Vic Sprake, have spent the last fifteen years reinstating the lands of their 200-year-old organic farm. They didn’t have to establish Camus Farm Field Kitchen, but they have – and they have done so with the same commitment to the food ethos with which they slowly raise their Dexter beef and caretake the land: quality and authenticity. Magic!

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Camus Farm Field Kitchen

Clonakilty, Co. Cork
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There has been a farm at Camus for 200 years. In 2006, Vic Sprake and Deborah Ní Chaoímhe purchased the 30-acre farm and began restoring it as an organic farm specialising in rearing Dexter Beef, one of Ireland’s traditional cattle ...

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