Renvyle House Hotel

A wonderful place to visit at any age or any time, Renvyle House appeals to people with a yen for the rugged west of Ireland - and a love of the cosy contrasts you find indoors, where a snug conservatory provides an all-weather vantage point to admire the view, and dark beams, rug strewn floors and open fires cast their spell.

It’s a place that it’s easy to fall in love with, and a happy destination for families (and the dog). There is loads to do but, unlike many hotels catering for the family market, the focus is less on organised activities (there is a heated outdoor swimming pool in summer, but don’t expect a leisure centre – less still a spa) and more on the old fashioned pleasures of doing things together – or doing nothing very much at all – with plenty for older children who want to have a go at lots of things.

Very good child facilities include a nice traditional playground and a crèche in summer  - and, to ensure that parents are able to make the most of Tim O’Sullivan’s excellent food, the large dining room is cannily organised with a window along one side where parents can see their children in the supervised playroom next door, but typical of GM Ronnie Counihan’s very special management style, there’s no big deal made about the family facilities, they’re just a part of what this wonderful place is.

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Renvyle House Hotel - Connemara

Renvyle, Co. Galway
Hotel / Restaurant
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In one of the country’s most appealingly remote and beautiful areas, the Coyle family's famous Lutyens-esque house has a romantic and fascinating history, having been home to people as diverse as a Gaelic chieftain and Oliver St. John Gogart ...

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