Chez Hans

This is a very special award, because it invariably goes to an establishment that is really outstanding in every way – and has that special extra ‘something’ that makes a great atmosphere to showcase the whole operation, so that every visit is sure to be memorable.

It’s often partly down to the building itself, or the way it has been converted or decorated, and that’s certainly the case this year, as - although many others have since followed suit - the idea of running a restaurant in a church was highly original when this one opened in 1968.

And it is a wonderful setting – but it would be nothing without the people who have dedicated themselves to creating a really fine restaurant here - Hans-Peter Matthia, and now his family, especially his son Jason who returned from working in some of London’s finest kitchens to join him in the business ten years ago and now runs it with his wife, Louise.

Their energy and talent have added greatly to the atmosphere of this famous restaurant - and its continued status as the leading restaurant in a wide area seems assured.

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Chez Hans

Cashel, Co. Tipperary
A selection of establishments outside the standard categories that should enhance the discerning travellers experience of Ireland Denotes genuine Irish food culture, ie special Irish food products/companies/producers, and highlights the best places to shop for regional and artisan foods; the selection excludes obvious 'non-Irish' elements regardless of quality, eg ethnic restaurants and specialists in coffee, wine and other drinks, unless relevant to local production or history. Eat & Stay establishments are chosen for their commitment to showcasing local produce and Irish hospitality. Outstanding Location, building or atmosphere Previous Georgina Campbell Guides Award Winner The "Best of the Best" - Only the very best establishments across various categories have been chosen for this accolade
Although many others have since followed suit, the idea of opening a restaurant in a church was highly original when Hans-Peter Matthia did so in Cashel in 1968. The scale - indeed the whole style of the place - is superb and provides an unusual and ...

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